Hello there,

I wanted to use this page as a way to tell you and also show you a bit about myself. To show you all of the things that I love most and has me living my life to the fullest.

Chapter One . . .  I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t put you through that.

Here’s a list of the things that make me tick:


  1. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Johnson & Wales University in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing.

  2. Photography became not only my passion but a lifestyle for me, shortly after graduating high school.

  3. Travel. Nothing excites me more than traveling to a new location and immersing myself in the amazing culture.

  4. I am currently learning how to speak Italian, which I hope to speak fluently one day.  

  5. My collection of Owl figurines from around the world is rather insanely eclectic. Needless to say - they are my favorite animal.

  6. Although I have an admiration for food and take pride in trying new things. My favorite food - and in my mind the best food ever created. Is Pasta (give me all the carbs).

  7. I am allergic to Tomatoes which I found out a couple years ago (Yes I know what you’re thinking, how could I live without a slice of Hawaiian Pizza?! I still have no idea, but I’m pushing through it).

  8. I believe we should all: Laugh everyday, Love with an full & open heart, and Live like everyday is your last -- Live, Laugh, Love (I even have a tattoo to prove it).

  9. My family & friends are my everything, and cherish all of my relationships.


I work hard to live my dream.

 About me

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